CQC Guiding Principals

Provide a service that achieves the highest level of Building Services, through consistency, quality, and communication.


Any successful building services contract is built on this core principal. Our commitment is to providing a service with consistent execution and consistent, communication, thereby enabling our clients to entrust their facility to our hands.


Building Services is performance-based bottom line. This is why our largest capital and time investments go towards quality control and proactive oversight. Our commitment to quality is a top down approach with hands-on ownership and labor that is paid $2.00 P/hour higher than our competitors. Our commitment to quality is unparalleled.


We take pride in being available 24/7. When entrusting your Facility Services to a contractor, you need someone who will truly be your eyes and ears – letting you know what is going on at your facility before you have to ask.

The CQC Way

When CQC’s construction cleaning division was born, the owners took a ‘boots on the ground approach’ working alongside their work force, to dial in production rates, discover pitfalls, necessary equipment, and learn the ins and outs of what a trim superintendent needs from his final cleaners. Through this on-the-job research, Chicago Quick Clean identified a few key factors in order to separate itself from the pack.

Ability to Adapt to Quick Requests

Last minute requests/schedule changes: This is a part of any large commercial construction project. CQC employs crews 24/7. With communications managers constantly adjusting/adapting to last minute changes so that we can accommodate our GC partners quickly and effectively.

Internal Oversite

On Site Structure: CQC ownership learned that Cleaning contractors were often dubbed staffing agencies for cleaners, with no leadership, and even lacking basic skills to communicate with the onsite or offsite customers. CQC job is equipped with a working supervisor fluent in English, and responsible for direct communication with your onsite staff, and oversight of the quality of our work – this spans across of all divisions. With each division having an operations and director of operations to oversee and communicate proactively with off site help.

Constancy with Staff: Every job that has a reoccurring element to it will be assigned a crew, supervisor and operations manager that execute and oversee the project from inception to completion. This allows for a higher quality of service to be provided, and a familiarity to the project that allows for less communication with your staff.

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